Group 5
2 LTR – small pots – $19
5 LTR – 200mm – $38
15 LTR – 300mm – $95


The Plumeria cubensis, or Cuba for short, is a bushy, dwarf frangipani with a white flower. While most people talking about an evergreen frangipani, they are almost always talking about the white pudica or the Singapore. We find the Cuba holds its leaves just as well as those two.

On the downside, the flower is not as nice as the Singapore and the scent is most likely not as strong or nice.

It has glossy leaves like the Singapore so it is sometimes considered a Singapore variation and labelled Plumeria obtusa var Cubensis. It’s also been given the name sericifolia and labelled “Plumeria obtusa var. serificolia” or labelled as a seperate species, Plumeria sericifolia.