Nursery Visits

Visits By Appointment Only

To ensure your visit is enjoyable for you and us, please help us prepare for you visit and be prepared yourself by reading this page. Please make an advanced appointment so we will make sure someone (most likely David) is working on the frangipani plants and ready to meet you.

Preferred Appointment Times

Our working schedules vary to suit the weather but generally speaking, we plan to work early mornings and late afternoons. In other words, our preferred appointment times are 1 hour after sunrise to 4 hours after sunrise AND from 4 hours before sunset to 1 hour before sunset.

Preferred Appointment Days

If we are scheduled to work, we are willing to make an appointment for visitors however we are sometimes closed for a day-off or for deliveries. Saturdays and Sundays are just as suitable for us as weekdays.

Please let us know what you are looking for BEFORE your visit.

Please indicate preferred flower colours, sizes and features before visiting so we can consider all our stock and determine the best quality, the most suitable and the best value plants to show you.

Submit A Preliminary Order

Feel free to select plants on our online shop and choose Eumundi Pickup to submit a preliminary order. Choose option 1 if you want to quickly pickup your frangipani order or choose option 2 if you would like to come and view our plants before buying. We will look through and mark the best available frangipani plants and alternative options ready for your visit.

Current Photos of Our Frangipani Plants

If you have narrowed your search and looking for something specific, we’ll do our best to send you photos and maybe save you a trip, especially you need to travel an hour or more to visit us.

Visits are to see prepared varieties and sizes only.

Please note that we are primarily a production nursery and have thousands of frangipani plants spread over several acres of land. To save time and reduce walking, we try to take visitors directly to see the best and most suitable frangipanis we have available.

Please read Information For Visitors before your visit.