2021 July

All our plans to build a new hot house tunnel this year have been postponed. Actually, it’s hard to do any nursery work in Queensland at all when the Queensland – New South Wales border is closed and you’re stuck in Sydney. (sigh)

The positive points are that my wife and I could cross the border southbound to visit my ailing mothing, we have no option but to spend more time with her and I have a chance to work on this website.

As mentioned in a previous blog post, the current catalogue system is effective in getting a high number of enquiries but we’ve decided to go for a more transparent system. Like our frangipani tree website, we’d like to show prices for plants and cost of delivery to as many locations as possible to allow customers to order and receive or not order at all.

2019 March

Over the last 12 months, all the action has been over on our frangipani trees website and this website, unfortunately, has been a little quiet. We’ve decided to make some big changes to this website. We’ve modified our online shop to be an online catalogue. We’ve removed all frangipani prices and delivery prices. Customers can still place items into a virtual cart but instead of checking out, customers hit the submit an enquiry button (previously the checkout button).

We will try to reply to all enquiries with availability, prices, transport options and then frangipani photos to customers still able to buy.

2019 October

Having an online catalogue and getting many enquiries has been and will continue to be very interesting. It’s interesting to learn which flower colours are popular in which areas. It’s amazing how many people in Sydney are interested in a single small white of hot pink frangipani. Unfortunately, I’ve chosen not to reply anymore to those in places which are difficult or impossible to send frangipanis to and to those interested a small number of small frangipanis in distant locations. Apologies if you’re waiting for a reply and don’t get one. I will look into web site modifications to save those far off customers from unnecessarily submitting their enquiry.

2017 September

Our NEW online shop is now fully functioning and able to accept orders. We have just finished uploading our 15 most favourite frangipani varieties. Most varieties show only a few available sizes however if you would like a particular size which is not listed, please contact us.

We have many frangipanis that are ready for sale and many that will be ready soon that are not listed on this website.

We still have not decided on how best to display current photos of our available frangipani plants yet but we’ve narrowed our options down to three. We have the option to add additional photos to each online shop section. We also have the option to email photos after receiving preliminary orders.

The third option, and our exciting new project, is to create a blog with a page for each frangipani variety. While this might be a good way to show our available frangipanis, it might turn out to be a place for us to just show off our all our frangipani plants.

2015 August

Since frangipani plants come in a range of shapes and sizes, we recommend seeing a photo or at least getting a verbal description of a frangipani before purchasing it. We want customers to be pleased, or at least satisfied, when they receive their frangipanis so we always try to make sure customers have an accurate image of their frangipanis before the frangipanis leave our nursery.

By experimentation, we have learnt there are two main ways to ensure customers have an accurate image of what they are getting before their frangipanis arrive. One, display a price with a photo for each frangipani for customers to view and select from. Two, accept preliminary orders and enquiries and present customers with prices and photos to help customers find the most suitable and best value frangipanis.

Frangipani Trees

We have been showing photos of our advanced frangipani trees for more than 10 years. Photos can be seen on our other frangipani website. (Visit sitemap to see link). This process works well for both us and customers, but we are yet to decide exactly how we will use this website.

Frangipani Plants

This website is dedicated to our smaller frangipani plants, less than 1 metre. We would like to show individual photos of all our small frangipanis online for customers to choose from however that might too time consuming and unrealistic. Our plan B is to try grouping frangipanis with a similar size and shape and display a group photo. In order to spend more time on growing and caring for frangipanis and keeping our websites up to date, we will also experiment with a “minimum order”.

Either way, when we receive an order or enquiry from a customer, we will do our best to use photos and comments to inform the customer what they will be getting before they get it.

2013 September

Hi. Thanks for visiting. We have recently reorganizing the information pages on this website. Sorry for any broken links or missing pages. Please use the search box to search for the moved content.