Plumeria Pudica

Plumeria pudica (P. pudica)

The Plumeria pudica is more¬†evergreen than all other varieties of frangipanis. It’s¬†easy to grow and is a big flower producer.

The White Frangipani Pudica

The White Frangipani Pudica is also commonly known as “Everlasting Love”. Compare to common frangipanis, pudicas have thinner branches and grow into a bushy upright shrub. It’s leaves are a hammer shape, hence the common nick-name, Hammerhead Frangipani. It produces an abundance of brilliant white flowers which have only a little yellow in the throat. Although their fragrance is very mild, their green and white colours make them a great addition to any garden.

The Pink Frangipani Pudica

The Pink Frangipani Pudica is also known as the “Bridal Bouquet”. We have less of these in stock but they appear to have a number of difference to the white pudica. The first is obviously the pale pink flower. The second is that it has slightly thicker branches and is less bushy. The flower has a scent.

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