Yet to Flower Seedlings

When we started out, 10-15 years ago, we experimented with growing seedlings, especially when we got seeds from special varieties like “red”. We dreamt about creating a unique hybrid frangipani flower that we would patent (register), name and take the world by storm. We grew too many and didn’t have time to take care of them. While that stunted their growth to about 1cm a year, the genetically weak have died out. A few years ago, we repotted them, moved them under irrigation sprinklers and even fertilized them and many of them are powering up. Since frangipani seedlings take 3 or more years to flower AND they produce a unique hybrid flower, we have created this category for “seedlings”. Seedlings can be identified with a long thick trunk. We have some small seedlings that have forked but they are rare.

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