Our Delivery Areas

Almost all of our frangipanis advertised online can be delivered to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast with ease. Most of those frangipanis can be transported long distances but not all. We can arrange door-to-door delivery to many locations but not all. Remote locations and highly populated areas can be more challenging to arrange door-to-door delivery. Either way this page, the delivery fees page and the delivery fees displayed on our online shop indicate how likely delivery is possible and indicate how much it will cost.

Feel free to contact us by email or submit an order without payment to start a discussion about delivery to your address.

South East Queensland

Our online shop currently displays a delivery price for South East Queensland. From Coolangatta near the QLD-NSW border up to Cairns.

NSW North Coast

We have recently found a reliable transport company which travels to Coffs Harbour and occasionally to Newcastle. We hope to update our website soon (2023). If our online shop doesn’t display a delivery price, please send us an email.

NSW Central Coast, Sydney, Melbourne

Due to Covid19 (the Wuhan virus) and transport price increases, we stopped sending long distances during 2021 and 2022. We have recently added prices to our delivery fees page and online shop and made it possible again for customers to order for these areas. Transport fees to these areas are quite expensive and only by spending equal or more on plants does it become worthwhile.


It’s possible to send to Adelaide but expensive for the customer and difficult for us to organize. Since we send there less than once a year, it feels like the best company to use changes every time. Delivery to areas outside of Adelaide is only a possibility if the customer arranges collection from Adelaide.

Tasmania, Western Australia, Northern Territory, ACT and overseas.

Sorry, we do NOT send our frangipanis to these locations.