Plumeria Obtusa

Plumeria obtusa (P. obtusa)

The most common Plumeria obtusa in Queensland Australia is known as the “Singapore” or less correctly as “Singapore White” to distinguish it from the name “Singapore Pink”. While frangipani rubra is common, the Singapore frangipani is arguably the most popular frangipani in Queensland and Northern Australia. It’s easily recognized by it’s glossy green leaves and it’s larger white flower with full (obtuse) and more overlapping petals. Like the white rubra, this white obtusa has a strong, or possibly stronger, scent.

Recently other frangipani species such as, P. cubensis, P. sericifolia and P. stenophylla have been relegated to variations of P. obtusa making it more important to call a Singapore frangipani a “Singapore”.

Evergreen Frangipanis
In warm climates, Singapore frangipanis can keep their leaves all year round which is why they are often called “the evergreen frangipani”. Since they are not always evergreen, this name is sometimes misleading.

All or most other obtusa frangipanis are also evergreen (or semi-evergreen) so there are several or numerous varieties of “evergreen frangipanis”.

Petite Pink (aka Singapore Pink)
The frangipani with obtusa like leaves and a small pale pink flower is the Petite Pink. It’s most attractive feature is that it’s a dwarf and looks a little like a bonsai. It’s rare because it’s more delicate and a little more difficult to grow in non tropical climates.

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Plumeria obtusa var. sericifolia

Little Rainbow (Singapore Tricolour)


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