Our Frangipani Varieties

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This page includes ALL our frangipani varieties including the ones we have in smal numbers and including our new varieties which we are not selling.

We currently have numerous Plumeria rubra in a wide range of attractive flower colours and scents, three varieties of Plumeria obtusa and two varieties of Plumeria pudica.

We are also trying to increase our numbers of the Climbing Frangipani (Not Selling) and the  Plumeria Caracasana (Not Selling). We are now selling some of our Plumeria stenophylla and the Native Frangipani.

Plumeria rubra
Plumeria obtusa
Plumeria pudica
Plumeria stenophylla (aka White Magic)
Plumeria Caracasana – Not Selling
Native Frangipani (Hymenosporum flavum)
Climbing Frangipani (Chonemorpha fragans)  – Not Selling

Our Frangipani Rubra Categories

White (aka cream)
Orange (Pink & Yellow)


Our Frangipani Obtusa Categories

Singapore (aka Singapore White)
Petite Pink


Our Frangipani Pudica Categories

White (Everlasting Love)
Pink (Bridal Bouquet)


Our Frangipani Rubra Whites (and Creams)

Alana – Not Selling
The Common White (aka Celadine)
Bali Whirl (The Double Flower)
Cindy Moragne – Not Selling
Fair Rainbow (White Tricolour) – Not Selling
Icecream (aka Al Melville’s Seedling)
Peach (Light pink with yellow throat which looks cream) – Not Selling
Sunset White (aka Sunset)
Treasure (aka Ellen) – Not Selling


Our Frangipani Rubra Pinks

Blue (aka North Queensland Blue)
Bubblegum Princess (aka Firecracker)
California Sunset
Cherry Bomb (Reddish Pink)
Coconut Pink – Not Selling
Candy Rainbow (aka Pinwheel Rainbow)
Cherry Clusters (aka Dwarf Watermelon and 100Pink)
Hot Pink (aka Hot Pink Cerise)
Marshmallow Cup (aka Rosemount Pink) – Not Selling
Classic Pink
Pink Sunrise (aka Pink Spice)
Ruby Gold (aka Cherry Cheeks)
Sharna’s Pink (aka Sharna or Sharna’s Rose)
Tutti Fruitti – Not Selling
Texas Gem (aka Houston Gem)
Venus (aka Mother’s Pride)


Our Frangipani Rubra Yellows

Aztec Gold
Bowen Yellow – Not Selling
Banana Milkshake (aka Lemon Drop) – Not Selling
Canary Gold – Not Selling
Heidi (Selling as “Yellow”)


Our Frangipani Rubra Reds

Red Bull (aka Burgandy)
Red Darwin (aka Darwin Blood Red)
Red Knight (aka Black Red)


Our Frangipani Rubra Oranges

Cooktown Sunset
Fiesta (aka Puu Kahea) – Not Selling
Fruit Salad
George Brown (aka Musk Rainbow)
India (Blood Orange) – Not Selling
Kamino (Orange with pink edge) – Not Selling
Razzmic Honey (Red, Pink & Orange)
Scarlett – Not Selling