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Minimum Order
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Delivery Fees For Queensland
Delivery Fees For New South Wales
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Minimum Order

We have a minimum order of $100. Our frangipani plants online shop will display a message and prevent checkout until the shopping cart holds frangipanis valued at $100 or more.

We used to have higher minimum orders for distant locations to prevent customers from placing orders where the cost of transport was much higher than the cost of frangipanis. our online shop now allows customers to checkout but a $100 “small order fee” is added to the total cost. If you see prices in brackets like this ($100 to $199), it means there is a $100 fee for under $200.

Our website will display a delivery fee after you add one or more frangipanis to your virtual shopping cart, select view shopping cart or checkout and then add your address and postcode.


Floor Space Limit For Minimum Delivery Fee

Deliveries to NSW, VIC, ACT and SA are limited to one pallet space, approx 1m x 1m floor space. If we cannot fit your order on one pallet or within one pallet space, we will contact you to discuss options. The two options are basically, reduce the order or pay for a second pallet space. A third of is to pay a little extra and transport plants on a trolley with shelves.

There is no floor space limit for frangipani orders to be delivered within Queensland. However, we have four price categories. Economy which is for plants under 500mm tall and delivery within four weeks and standard delivery which is for plants under 2m tall and delivery within 2 weeks. If a frangipani is wider than 1.1m, taller than 2m or ex-ground, our online shop will charge 1.5 times the standard fee. If all plants are less than 1.3m tall our online shop will charge approximately 85% of the standard fee.


Queensland Standard Delivery Fees (Page updated 30/05/2023)

Sunshine Coast (4000-4575) – $100.
Moreton Bay and North Brisbane (4000-4068) – $115.
Brisbane South (4100-4123) – $125
Brisbane 3 – $140
Delivery for above areas is sometimes cheaper if plants are all shorter than 1.3m tall. The cheapest rate, known as “Economy Delivery” is an option if the customer is willing to wait until for a delivery ate which is convenient for us AND all plants are shorter than 60cm tall.

Gold Coast (4208-4287) – $130
Ipswich (4300-4349) – $130
Toowoomba (4350) – $160
Gympie, Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Bundaberg, Benaraby (4570-4680) – $160
Rockhampton, Mackay, Townsville, Cairns (4681-4899) – $320 to $440


New South Wales Minimum Delivery Fees

Tweed to Newcastle – from $200 to $450.
Sydney – $500 (Biz $400)
Riverstone Collection ($300)
Wollongong – $650 (Biz $500)


Victoria Minimum Delivery Fees

Melbourne Metropolitan Area – $650 (Biz $500)


South Australia Minimum Delivery Fees

Adelaide transport depot. (Door-to-door delivery is most likely NOT possible.) – $650


Other Areas

If your delivery location is not listed, you can enter the postcode of your nearest capital city or select pickup and checkout without payment to start a conversation about delivery to your address.