Frangipani Species

Plumeria is another name for frangipani. Most people in Australia say “frangipani” however “Plumeria” is the more official botanical name.

Most frangipanis being sold in Australia will have Plumeria written on the tag. When writing the names of frangipani species, Plumeria is often abbreviated to just the letter P.
Plumeria rubra (P. rubra).
Plumeria obtusa (P. obtusa).
Plumeria pudica (P. pudica).
Plumeria stenophylla (P. stenophylla)
Plumeria caracasana (P. caracasana)

There a number of evergreen frangipanis that appear to related to the obtusa however the experts have yet to decide whether they should be relegated to a sub-species of obtusa or be elevated to their own frangipani species.

At the moment, we consider the stenophylla and the caracasana to be individual frangipani species and the sericifolia to be a sub species of the Singapore obtusa, Plumeria obtusa var. sericifolia.

We sell more than 10 varieties of rubra, the two common varieties of obtusa, the 2 common
varieties of pudica and the stenophylla.

We are growing up our stock of other species and varieties and when our numbers reach enough, we will make them available.

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