Our Advanced Frangipani Trees

A link to our frangipani tree website can be found on our sitemap.

Our bagged frangipani trees have been grown in bags for a number of years to ensure a strong and compact root system. Not only does this make them easier to transport and transplant, planting frangipanis with a good root ball is essential for healthy growth and a lush appearance.

We send our bagged frangipani trees to North Queensland, to Melbourne and to most locations in between.
We also occasionally send to Adelaide.

Even though our 45 litre bagged frangipanis are most popular and usually the best value, we also have frangipani trees in 25, 75, 100 and 150 litre bags.


Free Delivery of small plants with any advanced frangipani tree order – If you are interested in ordering one or more frangipani trees from our tree website, feel free to order some small frangipanis from this website and have them delivered all together.

Find our frangipani tree website by searching for “Eumundi Frangipani Trees”, by entering www.frangipanitrees.com.au into your browser or visit our sitemap.