2024 June

We have re-opened this web site’s online shop. In recent years until the end of last year (2023), this website was becoming more and more popular for local customers ordering small frangipani plants, some for delivery but mostly for pick up. We tried to combine this shop with our “Frangipani Tree” online shop but orders from local customers dropped. off, so we decided to open up the shop on this website again.

We have removed all frangipani trees from this website, includes 500mm pots, 45 LTR bags and larger. We have added, and updated, frangipani varieties that we are selling for 2 LTR, 5 LTR, 8 LTR, 12 LTR, 17 LTR and, in some cases, 20 LTR pots. A couple of years ago, we started adding one or two larger frangipani trees to each category but after we sold the tree though our tree website, this website still showed it as “available” which was a problem a few times so now they are visible on our tree website only.

We have moved our “Frangipani Collection Blog” to another website. I never liked having a list of frangipani varieties that we grow AND having an online shop with a shorter list of frangipani varieties on the same website. We recently bought Frangipanis dot au and I decided to use it for our “Collection Blog”. This website can now focus on our most important frangipani varieties, the varieties that we are selling.

We have moved our Frangipani Flower Slide Show too. To see our slide show and our collection blog, go to the sitemap and follow the link to frangipanis do au.

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