2015 August

Since frangipani plants come in a range of shapes and sizes, we recommend at least getting a description of frangipanis before ordering online. We have a habit of sending our customers current or recent photos of frangipanis before delivery.

This avoids any possibility of any customer getting a any frangipani different to what they were expecting. It means that we, as well as our customers, are excited about our frangipanis going into someone’s private yard instead of being anxious.

We have been showing photos of our advanced frangipani trees (on our other frangipani website) for more than ten years and would like to do something similar for our small frangipani plants on this website.

We are currently accepting online orders, sending photos by email and then requesting payment. However, we would like to display photos on this website for customers to see BEFORE ordering.

We are unsure whether we should add photos to our online shop or to our blog so we will trial both methods and eventually find which works best.