Paying For Frangipani Plant Orders

What does the rating for my frangipani plant order mean?

10 – If your order gets a ten, it means someone has personally looked at the ordered frangipani plants in recent days and is confident that good quality and good value plants can be selected for the order. It also means, the delivery address is in an area where we deliver to ourselves, that is in South East Queensland, or in an area where we know a transport company will be able to deliver to. Please pay as soon as you like. As soon as we receive payment, or even a notification from your, we will start organizing delivery.

9 – We are quite confident we have frangipani plants to fill your order however we will locate, inspect and select plants to be completely sure.

With Bank Transfers, it’s easy and free to make payments so if an additional payment is needed for an increased order and a refund is needed for a reduced or cancelled order, it can be done quite easily.

8 – We will most likely be able to locate, select and deliver the frangipani plants without making any chances to your order. If you pay now or soon, we will not have to wait for payment when we start planning transportation. On the other hand, if you’re not in a hurry for delivery and would like us to view our plants and get back to you, feel free to hold off paying.

7 – If your order is not urgent, feel free to hold off paying. After we locate and inspect our frangipani plants for your order, it’s most likely we will have a suggestion or two to modify your order. If you go ahead and pay, we’ll be more likely to stick to your original order or recommend one alternative to get the order delivered sooner.

6 – We have sent our frangipanis to areas like yours before so we should be able to organize delivery to your address. Feel free to wait to hear from us or make payment now.

5 – I’m quite sure that I will need to make an adjustment to your order but based on your initial order and your delivery address, I’m expecting we’ll discuss your order and you’ll be happy to proceed. I suggest not paying yet, so we (grower and customer) can patiently modify your order, determine the new amount and issue a an updated invoice. If you are keen to get your frangipani plants delivered, you can make a pre-emptive payment now and we’ll focus more on selecting good value plants to fill your order without changing the total, or simply suggest one modified order.

4 – I’m less than 100% sure we can deliver to your address so I plan to contact a transport company and get confirmation before locating plants for your order. Please don’t pay yet.

3 – I’m sure we don’t have the frangipanis you have ordered OR the frangipanis you ordered are not a good choice for your climate so I will need to think about what stock we have, what is best suited to you and I will send you an email soon. Please don’t pay yet.

2 – After looking at your delivery address, we have decided we’ll need to contact a transport company or two and confirm delivery to your address is possible before selecting frangipani plants for your order. We will get back to you within the next few days. Please don’t pay.

1 – Your order will be challenging for us. For example, we have never sent frangipanis anywhere near your delivery address, or the transport costs will be too high compared to the frangipani plants value, or we don’t have anything like the varieties, sizes or quantities you have ordered. Please don’t pay. If you don’t hear from us and you have unanswered questions, please email us.

0 – I’m certain I will not be able to organize delivery to your address. eg. WA, TAS, overseas etc. Please don’t pay.

When do I pay for my frangipani plant order?

Simple answer – If your order has a high rating (see below) AND you would like delivery sooner than later, pay as soon as you like.

Alternatively, if your order has a low rating and you are in no rush, feel free to wait for us to locate the particular frangipani plants in your order, confirm the plants are good value and then notify you that delivery to your address is possible.

How do I pay for my frangipani plant order?

After placing an online order, order details and payment instructions are automatically sent to the customers email address.

Customers ordering frangipani plants on our website are requested to pay by bank transfer. Our preferred method is for customers to pay to our email address or mobile phone number using PayID. PayID was introduced in 2018 and most banks now offer this feature with online banking. If you enter our email address or phone number, our family name (Muller) and business name (E Frangipanis) will appear so there’s no way to send your payment to the wrong people.

Bank Transfers are easy to do and free so making an additional payment for an increased order and refunding money for a reduced or cancelled order is easily done.

efrangipani payid

If you pay using our account number, please triple check the numbers before paying.

What do I do after making payment?

Feel free to send us a remittance. However, we don’t require proof of payment, we just need a prompt to look for your payment in our bank account so a simple message to the mobile phone number on the invoice or a short email is sufficient.