Our Frangipani Rubra Categories

Our Plumeria Rubra Categories
We think the best way to categorize Plumeria rubra varieties is by flower appearance only.

White, Yellow, Pink, Red, Tricolour and Blue.

Frangipani Colours
Plumeria rubra flower colours can, from a distance of greater than 10 metres, appear as Cream, Yellow, Pink, Red, Orange and Purple.

White Frangipanis
Since cream is white with a little yellow, they are usually called white instead of cream.

Blue Frangipanis
Purple flowers, including purple frangipani flowers, are often called blue.

Tricolour Frangipanis
Since orange frangipani flowers are often a combination of red, pink, orange and yellow, they are often called tricolour. They sometimes look like the colours in a rainbow but usually have 3 easily identifiable distinct colours. Flowers with a light colour in the throat (yellow or orange) and a dark outside (pink or red) and white in between can also be called tricolour. Reds with some orange and yellow can also be called tricolour to distinguish them from the stronger red flowers.