Our Varieties

We currently have numerous Plumeria rubra in a wide range of attractive flower colours and scents, 4 varieties of Plumeria obtusa and 2 varieties of Plumeria pudica.

As for our small frangipani plants, we have selected 18 of our varieties to make available.

For our more advanced stock in 45 litre bags and larger, please see our frangipani trees section.

Our Frangipani Rubra Categories
White (aka cream)

Our Frangipani Obtusa Categories
Singapore (White)
Petite Pink

Our Frangipani Pudica Categories
White (Everlasting Love)
Pink (Bridal Bouquet)

Our Frangipani Rubra Whites
The Common White (aka Celadine)
Bali Whirl – Double Flower

Our Frangipani Rubra Pinks
The Common Pink (aka Pink Tricolour)
Hot Pink (aka Cerise)
Cherry Cheeks
Sharna’s Rose (aka Sharna)
Cherry Clusters (aka Watermelon and 100Pink)

Our Frangipani Rubra Yellows
Heidi (Possibly some Bowen Yellow and Lemon Drop mixed in)

Our Frangipani Rubra Reds
Dark Red

Our Frangipani Rubra Oranges
Fruit Salad
Cooktown Sunset
Kimberley Sunset (Red / Orange)
Musk (George Brown)