Nursery Visits

Orders for less than $100 can be made online or over the phone. After payment is received, we will select the plants and then arrange delivery or a collection time.

For orders over $100, please let us know your preferences such as your preferred frangipani species, flower colour or colours, preferred bag size, tree size, tree shape and budget. We will consider your preferences and locate our most suitable frangipanis in advance. We will hopefully give you several options.

Appointment Times– When possible, we try to make appointments within a few hours after sunrise and within a few hours before sunset. Due to the daytime heat, these times are the best for working and visiting, especially in the hotter months. Weekends and most weekdays are suitable for us.

Safety – Visitors should wear enclosed footwear suitable for walking around an acreage. Please tread carefully as to not trip on irrigation hoses, weed mat ends or other items. Don’t forget to wear a hat!

Address – Before visiting us in Eumundi, please ask us for our street address, which driveway to use and where to park.