Mail Order Frangipanis

Sending frangipani plants through the post is safe, reliable and possible to anywhere in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and ACT where Australia Post delivers to.

Growing and selecting suitable plants as well as packing and sending is time consuming so, as with any product, the sale price has to cover this to make it worthwhile. It is our understanding that posting a single plant of average to low quality is unlikely to offer value-for-money for the end customer so we have decided to only offer special varieties, our best quality plants and minimum quantities for some varieties.

Our Plants
We are working on selecting quality cuttings and growing them so they have a root ball which is not too big and not too small and ideal for sending in the post.

We are planning to take photos of suitable frangipani plants as we get them ready for sale and upload the photos to our frangipani blog and frangipani plant online shop. They plants will be listed as plants in 125mm to 180mm pots (approx. 2 litres), tagged as small and hopefully available for both delivery methods (ie. by post AND truck / box trailer).