This page was last updated in January 2018.


Thanks to technology, it’s easy for us to send a photo of our frangipanis before we sell them. Feel free to submit your order and request a photo before payment.

Frangipani Availability

We have hundreds of available frangipanis and multiple or numerous plants for each size in each flower type. Please contact us if your desired species, flower type, quantity or sizes are not available on our online shop.

Online Shop

Our online shop is still quite new so if you have a problem or question, please contact us.

Eumundi Frangipanis Contact Information

We have selected our best 18 of all our frangipani varieties to display on this website’s online shop.

If freight is not displayed for you before checking out, feel free to submit your order and we’ll get back to you and let you know how much delivery will be for your order to you address.

Please feel free to submit your order and allow us to confirm freight and stock availability before making your payment.

Information Pages

Organizing our information pages is proving to be a challenge. Quite often, more important work including taking care of frangipanis keeps us away from this task for months at a time but we’re making progress. Read more Frangipani Information

Please view our Delivery Areas page to get an idea if delivery to your location is likely, possible or impossible.

To maximize the value of your frangipani order, please view our Delivery Fees page before selecting your plants.

Order – Confirm –  Pay

It’s our aim to offer as many size frangipani plants to as many locations as possible however it’s often not possible or not worth sending some plant sizes and some order sizes to some locations.
For this reason SOME orders will NOT be processed immediately and some not processed at all.
(We will refund payments in full for orders which we cannot or decide not to process.)
Feel free to wait for our reply and confirmation before making payment.

We are able to post our small frangipani plants to most locations in NSW, VIC, QLD, SA and ACT anywhere Australia Post delivers to. Visit Mail Order Frangipani Plants for more details.